The Start off

The seeds of live ideas are not born with ease as the grand ideas are born initially grand in the souls of their owners.

    Our incorporation began by a small group of young men among their close circles of relatives and friends who created a fund for the aid of ailing people with need.  As times passed that fund grew into a development incorporation through incessant diligence and continuous activity which contributes into the development cycle besides all other participants sharing in the educational and health

Since its incorporation in 2014, the AFD has been keen to adhere to the umbrella of the law, to observe it, and to act as per its license No (89/2014) which was issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Hadramout.

Throughout all its activities and dealings, AFD endeavored to adopt the managerial and administrative precision under a team of extensive experiences in order to obtain the best results.  AFD further stands firmly by the principle of transparency and clarity on all its financial issues by applying its financial transactions through an electronic financial system under the supervision of a private specialist auditing firm to ensure a clean slate of credit and to maintain the moderate developmental status which adopts the development as its primary case according to strong and sound bases


Our vision:

To lead the local society to a pioneer level upon all health, education, and social aspects according to the most respected international criteria.

Our mission:

Altaf Foundation for Development aspires to develop the society and participate in providing it with the competent medical, the educational, and the social workforce and its latest equipment as per the latest international standards.

Our objectives:

  • To help achieve the social collaboration.
  • To sponsor certain small projects pertaining to individuals and families to ensure a minimum level of sufficiency.
  • To enhance the level of the whole society educationally, medically, and culturally.
  • Achieve the self-sufficiency for AFD
  • Our values:

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Partnership
  • Teamwork 

  • Fields of activity:

    • Education development
    •  Health development
    • Social development
    • Relief campaigns

    Advisory Council members

    المجلس  الاستشاري

    أودو - العينة 1 لثلاثة أعمدة

    Al Habib- Omer Ben Muhammad 
    Ben  Hafith

    Dean of Dar Al-Mustafa for Islamic Studies

    Chairman of Advisory Council of AFD

    أودو - العينة 1 لثلاثة أعمدة

    Al Habib Abu Bakr al-Adani Al Mashhur

    Chairman of Al-Wasatia Al-Shareia University for Islamic & Humanitarian Sciences


    أودو - العينة 1 لثلاثة أعمدة

    Al Habib Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Saqqaf

    General manager of Al Erth Al nabawi Channel






    Mr. Omar Ahmed Aideed 






    Mr. Muhammad bin Hamid Ba Humaish 


    Dr. Adnan bin Ali bin Shihab


    Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Mudaihij 


    Mr. Hassan bin Saeed Ba Haroon 


    Mr. Hashim bin Muhammad Aideed